The Estar Cohen Project is a collective based out of Southern MI and Toledo, OH, dedicated to performing original music that reflects Cohen’s exploration in poetry, composition, and deep curiosity for the stories that define us. The ensemble formed in 2011, and has since cultivated a rich, unique sound rooted in thoughtful songwriting and spirited improvisation.They have released two albums (Waiting For Dawn, 2014) and Live at Willis Sound (2017). The band has performed at festivals, recital halls, concert houses, & clubs throughout the Midwest and East Coast. 


Talking Ear is a five-piece progressive music ensemble based out of the Michigan and Ohio, committed to providing a unique experience for listeners through composition, collaboration, and improvisation. The band consists of vocalist Estar Cohen, guitarist Daniel Palmer, pianist Benjamin Maloney, bassist Aidan Cafferty, and drummer Travis Aukerman. Each musician has a distinct voice as an accomplished composer and performer, contributing to an exciting and versatile, yet particularly cohesive sound. The ensemble has played in recital halls, concert houses, and clubs throughout the Midwest. The band has also put on clinics in performance and composition at both high schools and colleges throughout the region. Follow Talking Ear @


Estar Cohen and Maggie Hasspacher have a unique chemistry based around their passions for vocal harmony, poetry, Traditional Folk, Modern Jazz, and New Music. Maggie Hasspacher is an accomplished bassist and composer with a doctorate from the University of Michigan School of Music. The two met in Ann Arbor in 2017 and have since discovered a genuine, strip down sound with ethereal vocals and acoustic bass.


"What We (Can't) Know About Forever" features the Estar Cohen Project with string quartet for a concept performance of original composition, improvisation, and spoken word. The ensemble debuted in October of 2016 at the Toledo Museum of Art. 



 Tad Weed (1957-2018)

Estar had the utmost honor of performing with Tad Weed's "Freedom Ensemble" from 2014-2018. The ensemble featured renowned improvisers including Ken Filiano, Vinny Golia, Pete Siers and Andrew Bishop. In collaboration with Weed, Cohen lyricized select compositions by the late pianist, Herbie Nichols. Perhaps best known for his writing of the standard, "Lady Sings the Blues," Nichols' work has been deemed widely ahead of his time. The ensemble brought those rare and brilliant pieces to life in a captivating new light.