Summer Reflections, Recording Sessions...

It's been a whirlwind of a Summer and actually, it's not quite over yet. I still have a few more weeks of digging "Pure MI" before Autumn comes and reminds me of Ypsilanti winter...

Some things to look out for; I'll be releasing a live album featuring Patrick Booth, Dan Palmer, Josh Silver, Ben Rolston, and Travis Aukerman in conjunction with Willis Sound, a beautiful studio just outside of Ypsi. We had a wonderful concert in the space at the beginning of August.


A few days later, I hit the studio with my dear friend Maggie Hasspacher! We're still in the mixing stages but an EP is in the works!

Coming up is Earthwork Harvest Gathering in Lake City, MI. I'll have the full sextet with me and always have the best time performing there. In the week to follow, I'll be playing a couple of dates with NYC folk duo Robinson and Rohe who just released their beautiful album "Hunger," and who will also be performing at Harvest.

P.S. Have to share this photo taken after guesting on some Herbie Nichols pieces at Dirty Dog with my favorite folks - Tad Weed, Ben R. and Travis. 


Talking Ear Single Release


Talking Ear has a release date for our debut album! June 16, 2017. Between now and then, we will be releasing previews from the album. Please listen and share our first single, "Three With Larry, Five With Sherry" written by our guitarist, Dan Palmer. When you pre-order the album, you will receive a digital download of the single!

Estar & Maggie - - New Project!

I am excited to announce a new project featuring bassist/vocalist/composer Maggie Hasspacher and myself. We had a wonderful time debuting this new collaboration at the Canterbury House in Ann Arbor, MI with our friends -pf (who released a new album of highly original music) and singer/songwriter Max Lockwood. Here are a couple of videos from this performance, featuring vocalist Kameryn Ogden and Tyler Aukerman. Maggie and I share a focus on original music and arrangements inspired by traditional folk music, jazz, pop, vocal harmony, and improvisation.

To learn more about Maggie, visit

River Street Anthology Video Release

Our performance from the River Street Anthology was released today!

"One thing that is nearly as awesome as hearing/seeing so many people play their songs, is getting to witness how people manage their nerves. Ypsilanti's Estar Cohen recorded her contribution for The River Street Anthology the hard way: performing with her 8-piece band live, in front of a dead-silent, full house at Cultivate Coffee & TapHouse in Ypsi. She confessed that she had only met one of her violinists earlier that day. There were maybe 3-4 feet between Estar and the nearest audience member, as well as Misty, Charles, Sarah, and myself bumbling around with our microphones, cameras, and pencils in the free space. Needless to say, I would have been barely restraining myself from screaming had the roles been reversed. She and her mini-orchestra then laid down a dynamic track of about 8 minutes in length. In one take. Perfectly. Some musicians are always one technical glitch away from total meltdown on stage. Others feel compelled to always let the audience know just how nervous they are- a disclaimer that serves as sort of a "nowhere to go but up"-type security blanket. Others just keep breathing, trying not to think too much about the potential crash-and-burn, and just doing the thing they love. That last is the feeling I got from Estar, and many other contributors to the RSA. Sarah calls it "singing to the universe," and I love it. Then I don't get nervous for anyone, and all there is, is the song. Epic night. Epic performance. Thanks so much for coming, Estar." - Matt Jones, River Street Anthology

@mistylyn  The listening party for the River Street Anthology tonight was magic ✨✨ This is Estar Cohen and her glorious band recording one of her songs for the RSA 💛

@mistylyn The listening party for the River Street Anthology tonight was magic ✨✨
This is Estar Cohen and her glorious band recording one of her songs for the RSA 💛