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The Estar Cohen Project's debut album, Waiting For Dawn, is a diverse mix of original compositions. Each song is designed to unfold a story of its own. Cohen's distinct lyrical sensibility weaves through familiar themes like loss and the movement of time, while intimately providing her own perspective. In addition to the five original songs on the album, the band covers pianist's Aaron Parks "Praise" (Invisible Cinema, 2008), with a set of original lyrics by Cohen. The album features guest artists saxophonist David Bixler, trumpeter Ben Wolkins, guitarist Dan Palmer, and vocalist Corey Howe. The rhythm section consists of pianist Josh Silver, bassist Steven Knurek, and drummer Travis Aukerman. 


Talking Ear's first single is now available to stream on bandcamp! Pre-order the album and receive a digital download of the song.  Official Album Release: June 16, 2017